4 Steps To Guarantee Internet Marketing Success

The internet has brought many new ways for the home business entrepreneur to make money. One very popular and prosperous path to making money online is through internet marketing. Wikipedia defines Internet marketing, also referred to as online marketing or E-marketing, as the marketing of products or services over the Internet.When getting started in internet marketing, there are a lot of opinions and gurus out there telling you what method or strategy is the best for making money online. Many gurus go to great lengths to teach you the “why”, but conveniently leave out the “how” to get started.Before getting started in any business, it’s important to have a step-by-step plan to follow, so that you will understand exactly how to determine the market to sell to, and the product to sell that market.Here are 4 practical steps that, if followed, virtually guarantee success in starting any internet marketing venture.#1. Research the best market. The most common mistake people make when getting started in internet marketing is to create a product first. While this may sound logical, you may just end up with a product no one wants. Many new internet marketers have started out with a product they were passionate about, spent tons of time and thousands of dollars to create, only to find out no one was really searching for or interested in buying it.So the first, and most important, step is to do your research. Start with a list of markets you have some knowledge or expertise in. Then do some keyword research and find out if anyone is looking for information on that market. Two great places to start your keyword research are https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and http://www.inventory.overture.com. For example, if I had some knowledge of cats, parrots, gardening, natural living, red hand painted pots or rare Native American artifacts, I might use those to start my research and find out which one has the most searches per day/month. If no one is searching for a particular market you’re going into, then you are going to have a very hard time making any money online.While research can get much more detailed, keyword research is a great place to start. And realize that you don’t have to just research things you are familiar with. You can always learn a new field or area of expertise, especially if it’s a market worth getting into.#2. Decide on a small or big market. Based on your research and the competition (or lack of competition), you will need to decide on going into a big mass market or a smaller niche market. Sometimes you will see the word niche used in place of a market. A niche is a smaller refined area of a bigger market.There are many pros and cons to consider in each type of market. In a large mass market, there are usually quite a few searches online for the different keywords in that market, but there is also more competition for advertising and online search engine rankings. In a smaller niche, there may be less competition and higher profits, but you will need to look at how many people are actually interested in that niche to determine if its viable.#3. Survey your market. If you are not sure you market is going to be profitable, or even if you think it will be, you need to test it to find out. Wouldn’t it be worth knowing if a market was going to be worth going into, before you committed a lot of time and money?There are many different programs and methods to setup a survey online.Look at the different survey software programs online and determine which you like best. They are rather inexpensive considering the information it will give you. Then you will need to display your survey on a website so that your market can find it and fill it out. This can be done by yourself, or maybe you will have to hire someone with more programming and coding savvy.Be sure and ask your potential customer those questions which will most help you to decide if this market it worth getting into. For example, you might ask them why they are looking for this type of information, or what their age is, or if they are a cat owner, etc.Once your survey site is up, all you need to do is drive some traffic to it. Driving internet traffic is a huge market in itself, and we don’t have the space to go into all the details here. Start with something easy like Google Adwords. Yes, it will cost you a little, but you will drive traffic to your survey very quickly.These surveys will serve more than one purpose, as you will see next. But whatever you do, don’t skip this step and think it’s irrelevant. Market surveys have save, and make you, a lot of money.#4. Create a product. Now you can create a product that fits your market’s needs. Most people will be surprised to see this at the bottom of the list, instead of the top. But as I mentioned above, researching your market is far more important.When creating a product, use the survey you conducted to find out what your ideal customer would really want. If you did your survey properly, you will have a great outline or bullet points to creating a product. Focus on finding a solution to your market or niche’s problems. What is it they are drooling for or staying awake at night for?Hopefully you didn’t pick something in the research step that is boring, because you do want to have some interest in your market. Creating a product usually takes time, so you will want to have enough interest to push you forward to your goal of creating the best product your market has ever seen.Obviously, there are many more details to running an internet marketing business (marketing and copywriting for example). However, by starting with these 4 steps every time, you will make your chances of success very high. If followed properly, they will virtually guarantee you get the right start in any internet marketing business.

Conversations With CEOs – Why Business Savvy Counts

“But I know my profession inside out,” says my next door neighbour. “I don’t understand why this particular contract eluded us.”

Most of us can checkmark the long list of reasons why clients do business with us. Besides establishing rapport and long-term relationships, providing excellent quality of service and technical accuracy, often there is one important criteria that hasn’t been given consideration. This is most true when dealing with senior executives. Decision makers gravitate to professional experts they trust to understand their business and the particular industry issues that can make or break their success.

They appreciate that you are an expert tax advisor for example, and wouldn’t see you if you weren’t. However, they are most interested in how you can help them navigate industy issues inside and outside of what you do as a professional. What do you actually know about business and particularly theirs? How conversant are you? Can they introduce you to their investors? Their Chairman of the Board?

Now you ask, “How can I keep up with all the nuances related to a multitude of industries when I can barely keep up with all the ongoing changes related to my own profession and staying at the top of my game?”

Here’s a few suggestions:

I. Identify the industries your top 20 clients and top 10 prospective clients come from?

II. Start with prioritizing a few industries to learn more about based on who you do profitable business with now.

III. Keep files of newspaper and magazine articles, industry journals and anything else you can find that’s pertinent for easy reference as required. Read them, think about them, make connections to your services.

IV. Ask clients about their industry issues. What level of knowledge would distinguish you from a competitive service provider and why is that important to them?

V. Finally, as you learn about the top issues currently affecting your clients, explore your expertise can help turn issues into opportunities rather than threats. Quantify how your services can minimize risks and make a difference in the achievement of the client’s objectives.

VI. File your stories, either your own or those that you hear about. For example, if you have a client who was able to retain one staff member that saved them $200,000. in recruitment and training costs, not to mention preventing loss of knowledge and clients, as a result of your consulting or coaching services, then be sure you find a way to save that story. Get a testimonial or at least be able to talk about the bottom line results that your client achieved as a result of working with you, Business Savvy Professional Extraordinaire!

VII. Have fun – part of lifelong learning is getting outside of our own boxes and jumping into other’s now and then to truly empathize and problem solve with clients.

Are You Making This Deadly Mistake in Your Internet Home Based Business?

In today’s economy most people are looking to start an Internet home based business to be able to have that money and time freedom that we all want, am I right? But if you look at the numbers, how many people actually get what they came for? 3 out of 100? Unfortunate as it may be, it is the honest truth and our industy numbers. As for the other 97 people, they either quit within their first 90 days or they end up spending more money then they make. I will explain how to make sure you are part of that 3% who see success in Internet home based businesses.

Never, and I repeat NEVER talk about/pitch your business opportunity. Nobody cares if you have the best compensation plan on the planet, or the best multivitamin in the industry. You see, all of that doesn’t matter. I know, it may be shocking at first but hear me out. OK… People buy into people. Your target market is going to be made up of primarily people who are already in an internet home based business. They don’t want to hear about an opportunity, they want to find a LEADER who can help them break away from that ugly 97% and finally be apart of the elite 3%. The only goal you should try to accomplish is helping other people get what they want through your content. By showing expertise they will begin to follow your work, opt in, and eventually join your business.

Ok, so I know you might be thinking well if I focus on only marketing myself and helping other people get what they want, how on earth will I be able to get results in my business? It’s common sense really. There is only one you, and nobody can compete with that. Always remember that you must give first, and then receive. Show people that you know what you are talking about, that you are the leader that they are desperately looking for. They will start to take notice, slowly but surely, and then come to you (the leader) to show them how they can reach their goals and see the same success that you have.

97% of people in Internet home based businesses have absolutely no idea how to become a true success in this industry. Make sure you pull yourself away from that crowd by marketing yourself and your ability to lead another to success, not your business opportunity!